Why Stretching Is A Waste Of Time, And What To Do Instead To Truly End Your Pain

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Do you feel like you NEED to stretch for an hour every day just to start your day off?

Do you still feel like you stretching is necessary to get through your day?

You’re not alone!

Most of my clients come to me saying that they do their ‘morning stretches’ or yoga but they still have pain.

So why doesn’t stretching actually work for you?

In order to solve your pain permanently you need a real fix, not a quick one.

If you want to learn why stretching doesn’t work then you’re going to want to watch this video

During it, I am going to cover:

  • The surprising, almost forgotten muscles, you need to work to finally break free from pain.
  • The important body part that needs to be activated before any physical activity and how to properly activate it…
  • The one trick that gets your muscles to automatically release so you can avoid pain or tightness coming back…

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