What Is The Montclair Wellness Hub Podcast?

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What is the Montclair Wellness Hub Podcast? 

It’s the brand new podcast from us at Adapt Physical Therapy right here in Montclair! 

Our mission is to help empower active adults to live healthier, more fulfilling lives. 

As we reflected on the previous year and everything that happened, one thing became abundantly clear…

Our health, and the health of our local Montclair community matters more than anything to us. 

Unfortunately, it sometimes takes almost losing something to realize how much you value it.

So, we wanted to do our part to give back to our audience, spread the message of health to as many people as we possible can, all while giving back to the Montclair community. 

Every episode, Dr. Payal Patel will be joined by a local health, wellness, or business expert who will share their knowledge and story, all to help you live a healthier and happier life. 

If you want to live a healthy, natural life without medications or injections, this podcast will help you. 

Thanks for tuning in! 

We Help Active Adults Break Free From Injury And Regain Their Physical Freedom So They Can Be Active And Confident For Years To Come