How Kenny Regained His Physical Freedom And Got Back In The Gym

Are you stuck in the same place financially knowing that you have a successful business but also knowing it could be doing better?

Meet Jason… He spent the last year feeling the same way.

His business is just over three years old.

Successful? Absolutely!

Stuck? Also yes.

“We’ve been bottlenecked if I’m being super honest, for the last 12 months. Kind of at the same revenue threshold, really facing the same difficulties… and successful, yes, but not where we wanted it to be.”

Frustrated and knowing there was more for his company, Jason reached out to me.

He invested in himself and his business and made the commitment to work closely with me through my Elite Mastermind.

Still skeptical about how quickly he could recover his investment, he implemented the advice from our first two calls immediately.

Now, just TWO WEEKS to the day from our first meeting, Jason has made $55k and is on track to continue that upward financial trend during the holiday months (which are historically the most financially difficult months for his business).

Recently, I sat down to chat with Jason. So if you’re ready to hear how Jason recouped his investment in just two weeks then watch his interview!

In this video, Jason and I will discuss:
How your offer is key to the success of your business and sometimes it just needs a little tweak to be perfect
Why simplifying your process can make massive improvements in your business
How a mentor or coach can help you overcome mental, emotional, and physical blocks