How To Increase Hip Mobility To Take Pressure Off Your Back

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Do you feel pain in your back after doing a physical activity ?

Now that we’re in the winter season, this is something we’re seeing a lot of. 

After it snows, the first thing my clients say is “my back is killing me from shoveling.”

They feel like no matter how they shovel or what they do, they’re always going to end up in pain. 

So why are they still experiencing lower back pain?

It’s because of they’re not using their hips the right way which means they’re putting a lot of tension on their lower back…

This applies during any physical activity. If you don’t know use your hips properly you are more than likely going to end up having back pain 

During it, I am going to cover:

  • The surprising technique you need to know before doing any physical activity…
  • The one exercise you need to do so you can start using your hips correctly today…
  • How to actually move your hips so you can easily ease tension in your lower back muscles…

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