How To Ride Your Peloton Without Pain

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Do you currently struggle with riding your Peloton pain free?

Many of my clients do too! 

With most gyms closed, many people are turning to their Peleton to stay fit. 

I don’t blame them. I just started using it myself, and I love the Yoga and strength classes as well. 

But I have noticed that overuse from riding the Peloton can make back, hip, or neck pain much worse if you have any lingering issues. 

In this video, I will teach you how to ride your peloton without pain! 

During it, I am going to cover:

  • The one stretch you can easily do before or after a ride so you can make your rides enjoyable again
  • The surprising thing most Peleton riders are doing incorrectly, that ends up costing them dearly
  • What we recommend to do on your days off from Peloton to keep pain at bay

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