High Performance And Health w/ Joe Gandarillas

In this episode of the Montclair Wellness Hub Podcast hosted by Adapt Physical Therapy, Dr. Payal Patel is joined by Joe Gandarillas to talk about health, high performance coaching, and happiness. 

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 Learn more about Joe and his company below:

 Joe Gandarillas High Performance Coaching 

Website: https://www.joegandarillas.com 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Joe-Gandarillas-High-Performance-Coaching-251270561886962/

 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joegandarillas

 About Joe: 

Joe is a Certified High-Performance Coach who works one-on-one and in group sessions to help clients achieve the transformation they seek. I bring a variety of life and work experiences to my coaching strategy: 25 years in business management, 10 years of teaching, an integrative nutrition degree and several years of coaching clients. 

If it’s your career, a relationship, your health, your body, finances—or any combination of these—that you’re looking to improve, my expertise can help you get clear about what you truly want. Your success involves three key steps: working together to define your goals, creating a plan to achieve these goals, and teaching you how to stay accountable to yourself. 

Because when you learn how to be accountable to the person who is most crucial to your success—you—you exponentially increase your odds of achieving your goals

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