Our Mission

We Exist To Be a Safe Haven For Adults Who Feel Physically And Emotionally Stuck By Instilling Confidence, Inspiring Home, And Delivering A World Class Experience

At Adapt, we know what it’s like to feel stuck, let down, and out of hope. 

If you’ve been let down by another physical therapist, or perhaps by the, please entire medical system don’t give up. 

Nearly all of our clients have told us they felt the same way before coming to see us. 

The medical system is not always set up with patients best interest in mind. We know because we’ve been patients too. 

Frustrated with a lack of quality options, we created Adapt to give the Montclair community something we always wanted: Quality, client focused medical care with a focus on an excellent experience.


How We're Different

We Spend More Time With You​

We spend more time with our clients than any other physical therapist. We don't pass you off to an aide or put you on a hot pack for most of your session.

Our Clients Love Us

We have a great reputation because we get results and care about our clients.

How That Benefits You

Break Free From Pain

We help you understand the true, root cause of your pain and make it go away naturally without any harmful, unnatural methods​

Do What You Love Again

Work with experts who understand your lifestyle and will help you do more of what you love without pain​

Regain Your Health And Happiness​

We'll help you spend more quality time doing what you love, with the people you care about while feeling empowered and confident​

Who We Work With

Active Adults

Our clients are active adults, usually between 35 and 65 years old, who love staying active with activities like walking, running, golf, yoga, Peleton, etc;. They value their health, confidence, and physical freedom and don't want to risk losing it due to pain.

People Who Value A Natural Solution

If you're someone who is ok with taking pain medications or getting frequent injections, we may not be the place for you. Our clients come to us in search for a natural, holistic solution that restores their physical freedom without harmful, unnatural methods.

Family Oriented People

Not all, but most of our clients are parents or grandparents who risk losing out on quality family time if they continue to let their pain linger longer. They come to us to get the one thing they will never get back: quality time with the people they care about.

People Who Value Quality

Our clients have tried "general" physical therapy treatments, chiropractic, or have even gone to unsupportive docs. They value getting quality, focus time with a physical therapist who understands their goals on a personal level.

Meet Your Specialist

Dr. Dave Kim, PT, DPT

Head Physical Therapist

Dr. Dave Kim is a physical therapist who conquered his own long lasting pain. His first-hand experience in managing persistent pain gives him a unique sense of empathy and compassion to his patients that is exemplified through the quality treatment he provides at ADAPT, powered by Next Level Physio.

Like many of our clients, Dr. Dave experienced the various frustrations and disappointments that come with the revolving door of our healthcare system. He was promised quick-fixes and silver bullet solutions by many professionals, but nothing seemed to get to the root cause of the pain.

This ultimately led Dr. Dave down a path of learning the complexities of the human body from well established practitioners across the nation and piecing together literature from different disciplines. He was able to overcome his pain for good and is now able to do everything he loves with no limitations.

He is fully committed to a patient centered approach that is holistic and entirely individualized to everyone who steps foot into ADAPT. Every single person is unique and as such, an exercise or program that works for one person may not work for another. Dr. Dave strives to make every session an educational experience in which clients can understand the root cause(s) of their pain and implement immediate strategies to address both underlying and overt symptoms.

Healing the human body is Dr. Dave’s calling and he is ready to change the landscape of healthcare.

What Our Clients Have To Say​

“I lost hope. I had 2 surgeries scheduled, but I didn’t want to do it. But what options did I have? I just didn’t know. Before coming here, I had 2 surgeries scheduled. I was pain free, for the first time in 15 years, in just 2 sessions. And the best part is, it has stayed away.”​


Sharanya Sharma

Occupational Therapist

“I’ve suffered from back pain for longer than I can remember. I’ve tried different routes and nothing seemed to work. Adapt has helped me to identify the drivers of the pain, and more importantly the exercises I need to do to address the problems”


Matthew Leis

“If you have chronic pain, go see Adapt. They cured me in 10 sessions. Getting out of bed in the morning pain free is amazing. I can go on long bike rides without being in pain for the next 5 days and long care rides are no longer a torture.”


Catherine Riker

CEO, Acme Industries

See Our Office

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How To Get Started With Us

Step 1

Request Your First Appointment

If you qualify, your first appointment is a no risk way to see if you like it and are confident we can help you

Step 2

Meet Your Specialist

Ask us any questions you have, share your story, and receive customized recommendations from an expert at no cost to you.

Step 3

Experience Freedom Again

If you like our recommendations, you have the opportunity to ask if we will take you on as a client. If we accept, rest assured it is because we know we can help you regain your physical freedom.